Bar console Padua
maximum weight capacity per console 60 kg
including 1 integrated screw M10 x 45 mm
including 3 screws for top mount 5 mm x 16 mm
51.50060.04mat chrome45 mm170 mm
51.50060.10stainless steel polished45 mm170 mm
51.50061.10stainless steel polished45 mm210 mm
Installation / Recommendtion:
hole countertop Ø 11 mm for bottom mount
Maximum distance between consoles 900 mm.
Maximum overlay bar top 300 mm.
Glass Adapter 51.50029.xx to be ordered seperately: B-2.06.
Mounting plate for Stone bar tops to be orered seperately: B-2.06.
Bari - Bar console inclined
maximum weight capacity per console 60 kg
inclined, angle 60°
including 1 screw M8 x 70 mm for bottom mount
including 2 screws 5 mm x 25 mm for top mount
51.50062.03bright chrome45 mm170 mm90 mm
51.50062.04mat chrome45 mm170 mm90 mm
51.50062.10stainless steel polished45 mm170 mm90 mm
Installation / Recommendation:
hole countertop Ø 9 mm for bottom mount
maximum distance between consoles 900 mm
maximum overlay bar top 300 mm
glass adapter to be ordered seperately: B-2.06
mounting plate for stone bar tops to be ordered seperately: B-2.06
Brindisi - Wall console
height 180 mm
depth 180 mm
inclined, angle 45°
including 4 screws 5 mm x 25 mm
51.50066.04mat chrome45 mm
51.50066.10stainless steel polished45 mm
Brindisi - Wall console
height 225 mm
depth 222 mm
width 80 mm
inclined, angle 45°
including 4 screws 5 mm x 25 mm
51.50065.10stainless steel polished45 mm
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