CompoSwiss tall waste bin 
Color: anthracite
dimensions approx.: 412 mm x 273 mm x 318 mm
capacity aprox. 28,5 liters 
descriptionpackaging unit
34.45650.40CompoSwiss waste bin1
34.45651.40CompoSwiss waste bin64
CompoSwiss small waste bin 
color bin: anthracite
color carrying handle: blue
dimensions approx.: 340 mm x 300 mm x 150 mm
capacity aprox.: 12 l
descriptionpackaging unit
34.45652.40CompoSwiss small waste bin1
34.45657.40CompoSwiss small waste bin64
CompoSwiss cover for small waste bin 
color: anthracite
dimensions aprox.: 292 mm x 139 mm
descriptionpackaging unit
34.45653.40CompoSwiss cover1
34.45656.40CompoSwiss cover64
CompoSwiss cover tray in metal
color anthracite
cabinet frame thickness 16 mm or 19 mm
4 shelf support screws, included
assembly instructions included
34.45654.40CompoSwiss cover tray in metal500 mm
34.45655.40CompoSwiss cover tray in metal550 mm
34.45660.40CompoSwiss cover tray in metal600 mm
Assembly instructions for cover trayl
assembly instructions
CompoSwiss base tray
color anthracite
compatible with Blum-drawer depths 450 mm
descriptioncabinetgable thicknessBlum-drawer
34.45680.40CompoSwiss base tray500 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX
34.45681.40CompoSwiss base tray500 mm19 mm * Blum-LEGRABOX
34.45683.40CompoSwiss base tray500 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX
34.45685.40CompoSwiss base tray550 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX
34.45686.40CompoSwiss base tray550 mm19 mm * Blum-LEGRABOX
34.45688.40CompoSwiss base tray550 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX
34.45690.40CompoSwiss base tray600 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX
34.45691.40CompoSwiss base tray600 mm19 mm * Blum-LEGRABOX
34.45693.40CompoSwiss base tray600 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX
TANDEMBOX height K: the base tray must be shortened 6 mm
* also compatible for Blum-TANDEMBOX with 16 mm sides
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