The Oeko Universal Waste-Separating System
Complete waste-separating system installed in a drawer. Waste bin and additional containers consisting of plastic, metal separating wall and extractor tablet consisting of metal. Colour: anthracite. The height of the entire system can be reduced by 30 mm so that it complies with European standards. The flexible bag clamping system permits the attachment of almost all waste bags.
The system is compatible with:
cabinet 550 mm or 600 mm
cabinet Frame thickness 16 mm or 19 mm
Drawer frames Blum TANDEMBOX or Blum LEGRABOX
from drawer depths450 mm
Scope of delivery
Waste bucket with 40 L capacity, waste bag clamping system for 35 or 2 x 17 L bags, covering frame
Additional container with 6 L capacity, suitable for compost or cleaning agents, incl. lid
Multi-purpose container 1.2 L
Retractable metal tablet (with depth-adjustable rear panel)
Stable separating wall (keeps the buckets in position and serves as support for additional containers
Slip-proof mat
Installation instructions
cabinetgable thicknessfor Blum-systems
34.45476.40550 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX
34.45479.40550 mm19 mmBlum-LEGRABOX
34.45486.40550 mm16 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX
34.45489.40550 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX
34.45496.40600 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX
34.45499.40600 mm19 mmBlum-LEGRABOX
34.45506.40600 mm16 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX
34.45509.40600 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX
Instructions Oeko-Universal
Installation dimensions Oeko-Universal
Bag clamping System Oeko-Universal
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