Aliante sliding door system complete set 
2 Jahre
Top Quality sliding door System for wooden and aluminum framed doors
overlapping door System for cabinets
weight capacity max. 42kg per door
door thickness max. 30 mm
length of running gear 150 mm
including top and bottom door stop 
including 5 Clip 
including set of running gears for two or three doors
including top and bottom giuding rail
lenght of the giuding rails max. 4000 mm
door height: Funiture Hight outside + 87 mm
plinth height min. 60 mm
Set: running gears + rails Door application
51.84135.50 complete set for 2 doors incl. rails 1 x front, 1 x back
51.84136.50 complete set for 3 doors incl. rails 1 x front, 2 x back
Aliante - soft closing
Please order separately 
SP = edge of the funiture
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