ALTO - flush mounted sliding door fitting for tall cupboard  
2 Jahre
Flush mounted sliding door fitting for tall cupboard 
door weight per wing, max. 50 kg, Alto large 85kg
furniture width, 2-door: min. 1500 mm, max. 4000 mm
Complete Set incl. rails, ready-to-install assembly
Soft insert and muted opening of all wings
Door Panel thickness incl. handle max. 45 mm
partial wing opening: 10 mm protrusion into the light
Door hight: furniture hight +27 mm
max. furniture height: room height -135 mm
description variation width min. width max.
51.84200.00 ALTO set 2 doors 50kg 1500 mm 2000 mm
51.84201.00 ALTO set 2 doors 50kg 2001 mm 2500 mm
51.84203.00 ALTO set 2 doors 85kg 2540 mm 4000 mm
Special BBAG Services
Fully packaged according to dimensions specified by the customer
Compilation and delivery of all production sizes
Assembly instructions ALTO
You can download the assembly here
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