Mono - aluminum in standard length 
The Mono designprofile offers installation with special designed supports. The reduced height of your front allows easy access to open any drawer. The specially designed Aros profile covers the space towards the inside of your cabinets.
for cabinets without handles
for vertical or horizontally mounting
aluminum anodized
to cut to size
51.38960.50U-profilealuminum anodized68 mm28 mm2500 mm
51.38980.50L-profilealuminum anodized54 mm28 mm2500 mm
51.38979.50L-profilealuminum anodized68 mm28 mm5000 mm
51.38999.50L-profilealuminum anodized54 mm28 mm5000 mm
LED lighting for recessed grips Mono:
page: A-1.04.1
Mono - aluminium profile, for customs sizes (delivery date 5 days)
typefinishlength fromlength up to
51.38962.50U-profilealuminum anodized100 mm600 mm
51.38963.50U-profilealuminum anodized601 mm1000 mm
51.38964.50U-profilealuminum anodized1001 mm1400 mm
51.38965.50U-profilealuminum anodized1401 mm1800 mm
51.38966.50U-profilealuminum anodized1801 mm2200 mm
51.38967.50U-profilealuminum anodized2201 mm2600 mm
51.38968.50U-profilealuminum anodized2601 mm3000 mm
51.38982.50L-profilealuminum anodized100 mm600 mm
51.38983.50L-profilealuminum anodized601 mm1000 mm
51.38984.50L-profilealuminum anodized1001 mm1400 mm
51.38985.50L-profilealuminum anodized1401 mm1800 mm
51.38986.50L-profilealuminum anodized1801 mm2200 mm
51.38987.50L-profilealuminum anodized2201 mm2600 mm
51.38988.50L-profilealuminum anodized2601 mm3000 mm
Custom size: no return of goods.
Mono filler profile
51.39000.50filler profilealuminum anodized10 mm20 mm2000 mm
Handle Strip powder coated in RAL ou NCS colours
handle Strip powder coated in RAL or NCS colour as per customer request
glossy, mat, delivery time on request. 
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