Maintaining and cleaning stainless steel products
To maintain the attractive appearance of stainless steel parts, please observe the following maintenance and cleaning instructions. Vigorous rubbing with a soft, clean cloth moistened with warm water, and the addition of all-purpose or neutral cleaners is frequently sufficient. This recommendation applies for the following products. 
bar supports 
table stands
railing systems
as well as additional kitchen equipment products
Suitable cleansers
All-purpose or alcohol cleaners: for light grease stains.
Neutral cleansers: for grease and oil stains.
Alkaline cleansers: for severe grease and oil stains.
Solvent cleansers: for persistent grease and tar stains.
Special stainless steel cleaners: observe the manufacturer's instructions at all times.
Unsuitables cleansers
Cleansers containing hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid, as thes lead to discoloration or pitting.
Abrasive materials such as ScotchBrite sponges.
Materials consisting of unalloyed steel (steel brushes, steel trowels, steel wool, etc.) form external rust through abrasion.
Chrome, silver and brass cleaners release oxide.
Furniture polish and other "brighteners".
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