Radio remote control, three-channel Receiver 230 volt
The remote control serves for switching furniture lamps and furniture lamp operating equipment. Signals are radioed on a frequency according to a European harmonized standard. The system is especially appropriate for retrofit installation and wherever it was not possible to allow for a certain place for a lamp switch in advance. Owing to the battery-powered operation of the transmitter, it can be used in areas where no mains-powered devices are allowed to be installed for safety reasons (e.g. bathrooms).
Receiver with cable 3000 mm, three outgoing channels
For all devices provided with a Euro flat plug (protection classification 2) and a maximum power uptake less than the stated value of "180 W" per channel
A maximum number of 32 transmitters can be logged onto every receiver
In-house service area up to 20m
Mounting and operating instructions provided
76.26108.11180 W per channel3x 300 mm and Round HV plug
It is essential to mount the receiver at an accessible place.
Avoid installing receiver and/or transmitter on large metallic areas and never place the receiver on the floor.
Keep transmitter and/or receiver from being directly insolated (max. 25 °C).
Prior to starting up the radio remote control, read and exactly follow its installation instructions.
Radio remote control, three-channel Transmitter 3 volt
For three-channel receiver 76.26108.11
Battery 3 volt Maxell CR2032
32 transmitters maximum can be logged onto every receiver
Transmission channels can be individually adjusted
Installation and operating instructions are provided with equipment
76.26109.00black / alu effect3 V Maxell CR2032
Technical information and legend for icons (page A-1.79).
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