Casam - control modules 230 volt
The wireless control unit and Interfaces for LED and halogen Drivers 1-10 volt, or Dali Interfaces and mounted Switches on site turn light control into child's Play. The Casam control unit ist switched on between the light Switch and the light. The control unit also gives you the Option of switching on or dimming your lights via Smartphone, of saving lighting Scenarios or changing their Color. The System automatically connects to Bluetooh. The range inside enclosedbuildingis approximately 20 m and extrends from lamp to lamp (mesh Network). 
Switsching capacity Universal for LED: max. 50 W, 0.64 A, 230 V
Switching capacity Universal for halogen: 150 W, 0.64 A, 230 V
Activation for 1-10 V: 50 W
Switching capacity for Dali: 50 W
Primary/Secondary: screw-type terminals 2x 1.5 mm²
Can be switched an dimmed by Switch (on site), Smartphone, Casambi* App.
Measures (lxwxh): 62 mm x 40 mm x 22 mm
Dali Interface for proprietary Systems only.
Raccordement par un monteur électricien.
The Dali Interface is not compatible with existing Dali Networks.
Casam - Modul Universal 230 volt
Switching capacity for LED: 50 watt, 0.65 ams, 230 volt maximum
Switching capacity for halogen: 150 watts, 0.65 amps, 230 volt
Can be switched and dimmed by Switch (on site), Smartphone, Casambi* App
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76.90110.11 white 50 W / 150 W clamp connection
Casam - Module for 1-10 volt DC
To activate 1-10 volts DC, e.g. LED Drivers "max. 50 watts"
Switching capacity: 100 watts, 0.65 amps, 230 Volt maximum
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76.90102.11 white 100 W lamp connection
Casambi - Module for Dali
To activate for Dali (max. 50 watts)
Switching capacity: 100 watts, 0.65 amps, 230 Volt maximun
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76.90112.11 white 100 W lamp connection
The Dali interface can only be used in enclosed systems.
The Dali interface is not compatible with previously existing Network.
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