Drawer insert for media
Socket strip including mounting kit for installation in drawers.
Socket T13, 230 V/16 A, black
Suitable for all standard drawer systems with an interior height from 65 mm
Cable carrier for guiding cables
finish finish nl cabinet min.PK
71.22100.00 stainless steel 2x T23, 1x 2USB 450 mm 500 mm2
71.22101.00 stainless steel 3x T23 450 mm 500 mm2
Please allow for at least 70mm of space between the rear wall of the drawer and the rear wall of the piece of furniture.
Further versions on request.
Cable carrier
Chain is easy to extend or shorten
Great stability and low net weight
Chain can be shortened after every 20 mm
finish width height length
76.32300.29 black 18 mm 15 mm in meters
Chain support
Chain support for mounting of cable carrier
two-piece set
finish width height length
76.32301.29 black 18 mm 15 mm 38 mm
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