Loxone - Miniserver
The Loxone Miniserver makes for an easy home automation. It takes care of all tasks surrounding your home. Offering numerous in-/outputs and interfaces, you can connect many devices directly to the Miniserver. It takes a 24V power adapter and professional installation by one of our Loxone partners and the Miniserver is ready for use!
Heating and single-room control
Energy management
Rail mounting
Measures (wxlxd): 157 mm x 85 mm x 49 mm
finish description
76.90500.38 green Miniserver
LAN/WLAN connection required
digitalSTROM - Server dSS20
The digitalSTROM server not only provides a comfortable web application for the control and installation of building-wide digitalSTROM components. The digitalSTROM server is simultaneously a platform for de digitalSTROM apps: A variety of innovative applications are available for the management of a house or office.
Extension components including efficient software
Secure interfaces from digitalSTROM to the internet
Built into the fuse box
Makes the digitalSTROM applications configurable via computer and web browser
Makes remote Access by computer or smartphone an many other functions possible
finish description
76.90800.00 white dSS20
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