CE Approval mark
The CE mark is not a safety mark, it only documents compliance with the directives of the European Union. The CE mark is an administrative sign and is affixed by manufacturers themselves.
ENEC Approval mark
The ENEC mark is a symbol for product labelling of electrical appliances in the European Union. In contrast to the CE mark, the ENEC mark is not merely a self-declaration of the manufacturer, but is awarded by independent test institutes.
VDE Approval mark
The VDE mark is a voluntary seal to document the safety and standard conformity of electronic devices. The VDE mark is issued exclusively by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute.
F Approval mark
Suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable building materials. This mark is no longer required today, but is often still attached to luminaires. The F-sign has not been required since 12.04.2012. The mounting surfaces of luminaires must not become too hot.
MM Approval mark
Luminaires with the MM mark are suitable for installation in furniture made of materials with unknown flammability properties.
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