Colour rendering
Colour rendering of a luminaire is used to check how faithfully it reproduces the colours of its surroundings. The optimum value is CRI 100.
Luminous flux
The luminous flux describes the amount of light emitted by a light source. It is specified in lumen (lm).
Illumination level
The illumination level measures the luminous flux that occurs on a certain area. It is specified in lux (lx).
Light colours
The colour temperature of the light is specified in Kelvin. A basic distinction is made between warm, neutral and cold white. In addition to warm, neutral and cold white, we also offer products with Two-Light technology. Two-Light technology enables the mix of two different light colours.
Energy efficiency class
Among other things, the energy label indicates the so-called "energy efficiency class" of the luminaire. The luminaires are divided into seven classes of energy efficiency, whereby A++ is very “efficient”, and E is less “efficient”.
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