IR - Button switching unit for work place Illumination 230 volt
For instance for switching the illumination for work places
Non-contacting button switch for the connection of 1 or 1 to 3 IR sensors F03 or F04
Application e.g. for surface mounting for work place illumination control. Also suitable as a two-way switch.
Breaking capacity 550 watt, 2.5 ampère, 230 volt maximum
Cable 3000 mm with Euro flat plug
Switchboard cable with Euro flat socket
Measures (lxwxh): 96 mm x 55 mm x 20 mm
Non-contact light switch:
Electronic switchgear with non-contacting sensor. The electronic switch is simply interconnected between sink and outlet.
Breaking capacity 550 Watt maximum.
Simple mounting by screwing.
Function is automatically checked in the circuit during the first start-up. Proper installation is indicated by the connected lamp flashing three times.
Order the IR sensor F03 or F04 separately.
IR - Button switch unit 230 volt
2 Jahre
Primary cable 3000 mm with Euro plug
Secondary cable 700 mm with Euro socket
sensorsBreaking capacityampère
76.23091.291 - 3max. 550 Wmax. 2.5 A
IR - Sensor F03 / F04
2 Jahre
Cable 2000mm with RJ10 plug
Sensor F03 for surface mount applications, e.g. mounted under a wall cabinet
Coverage: 3 mm - 30 mm
Measures F03 (lxwxh): 25 mm x 13 mm x 7 mm
Measures F04 (lxØ): 16 mm.63" x 10 mm
76.23095.29blackfor surface mounting
76.23097.29blackfor fitted mounting
Technical information and legend for icons (page A-1.162).
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