MultiSwitch TL for Two-Light spot 12 volt DC
2 Jahre
By touching the MultiSwitch TL, the Two-Light Lamp series is continuously adjustable to personal color preference from warm white (2700 K) to cool white (6500 K).
Primary cable 2000 mm with Jo plug
Secondary cable 1000 mm with coupling
76.19157.29blackfor surface mountingmax. 36 W
Apart from an on/off switch, the Multi-Switch TL also allows color regulation, which means that by touching the MultiSwitch TL, the lamp series TL is switched on or off and if touched for longer period, the color temperature is adjusted from warm white to cool white. The last adjusted value is memorized.
Jo - Adapter line TL (Two-Light Technologie) 12 volt
2 Jahre
 Jo-Adapter line TL for fixed Color setting
coded for LED lamp 12 volt DC
76.19949.29blackmax. 36 W250 mm
Technical information and legend for icons (page A-1.162).
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