myStrom Smart Home products make you save energy, set the lights to suit your mood and lets you Keep an eye on your home. Simple and easy.
myStrom - Controller  12/24 volt
2 Jahre
Smart-Driver for LED-Stripes 
switch on and off and dim with the App
connects directly with WiFi Router/Gateway/Access-Point  
Control unit (lxwxh: 120 mm x 36 mm x 25 mm
description watt Volt Ampère finish
76.18167.29 Set 4x 60/120 W 12 V 4 x 3 A Text3
76.18168.29 Set 4x 60/120 W 24 V 4 x 4 A ext3
76.90203.29 Text3 4x 60/120 W 12/24 V 4 x 4 A ext3
euer Info TextA-1.146A-1.140
myStrom WiFi Switch
Use your smartphone to switch connected devices on and off. Smart functions that automatically help save electricity.
230 V
finish description watt
76.90200.11 white Switch 2200 W
myStrom WiFi Button
The 3 in 1 Button for an easy control of your Smart Home devices.
finish description
76.90204.11 white Button
myStrom WiFi Button Plus
The 4 in 1 Button for an easy control of your Smart Home devices. With Touchpad an LED ring.
finish description
76.90201.11 white Button Plus
myStrom WiFi Bulb
Switch on and off and dim with the App. Choose any light colour to suit your mood.
description watt light colour lumen/m
76.90202.00 Bulb 6 W RGB-W 600 Lumen
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