myStrom Smart Home products make you save energy, set the lights to suit your mood and lets you Keep an eye on your home. Simple and easy.
myStrom - Controller  12/24 volt
2 Jahre
Smart-Driver for LED-Stripes 
switch on and off and dim with the App
connects directly with WiFi Router/Gateway/Access-Point  
Control unit (lxwxh: 120 mm x 36 mm x 25 mm
description watt Volt Ampère finish
76.18167.29 Set 4x 60/120 W 12 V 4 x 3 A Text3
76.18168.29 Set 4x 60/120 W 24 V 4 x 4 A ext3
76.90203.29 Text3 4x 60/120 W 12/24 V 4 x 4 A ext3
euer Info TextA-1.129A-1.124
myStrom WiFi Switch
Use your smartphone to switch connected devices on and off. Smart functions that automatically help save electricity.
230 V
finish description watt
76.90200.11 white Switch 2200 W
neuer Info TextA-1.129
myStrom WiFi Button
The 3 in 1 Button for an easy control of your Smart Home devices.
finish description
76.90204.11 white Button
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