Round HV - Switch for recess or top-mount application 230 volt 
Round HV
For maximum 575 watt, 2.5 ampère, 230 volt
With cable 2000 mm with Round HV male plug
Screwed mounting
electric mainfinishButtonlength
76.26116.04white/redmat chromeblack2000 mm
76.26116.11white/redwhiteblack2000 mm
Round HV - Mounting Switch 230 volt
Round HV
Switch single-pole, 2.3 ampère, 230 Volt
Push-fit installation
electric mainfinishpowerlength
76.26118.04white/redmat chromemax. 530 W1000 mm
Round HV - Door contact Switch 230 volt
Round HV
Light is switched off when door is closed
electric mainpowerlength
76.26117.11white/redmax. 575 W2000 mm
Round HV - Extension and HV Mains cable / with connector device for Switch 230 volt
Round HV
Plug-in connection RED encoded for connecting a switch
Plug-in connection white for six sinks
For linking two connection lines
electric mainpowerlengthfinish
76.26107.11white/redmax. 575 W3000 mmHV Mains cable
76.26106.11white/redmax. 575 W2000 mmHV Extension for switch
Technical information and legend for icons (page A-1.146).
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