PROJEKTER - Order folder 
LUX-Manufacture's order folder for kitchens, furniture and interior fixtures. Uncomplicated and quick ordering of your tailor-made lighting equipment:
LED Stripes are pre-assembled and ready to install
Tailored aluminium assembly profiles, incl. installation material
12 volt, variations, various light colors
Delivery within 72 hours 
description language
90.30200.01 PROJEKTER GER
90.30200.02 PROJEKTER F
Mano Aluminum profile
description finish lengthPK
71.20056.50 assembled aluminum 1
76.50000.50 Profile aluminum 6000 mm 
76.50001.00 light diffuser opal 6000 mm 
76.50002.39 end cap bright grey  
Order LED-Stripes unit separately (page A-1.15 - A-1.18).
Bano Aluminum profile
description finish lengthPK
71.20057.50 assembled aluminum 1
76.50003.50 Profile aluminum 6000 mm 
76.50004.00 light diffuser opal 6000 mm 
76.50005.39 end cap bright grey  
76.50006.39 Mounting clip bright grey  
Order LED-Stripes unit separately (page A-1.15 - A-1.18).
Download the PROJEKTER as PDF file.
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