Mesa 78 - Recessed spot light 12 volt DC
glass: mat
Cover: stainless steel
Cable 50 mm, extension cable  2000 mm with Jo plug
finish watt light colour lumen
76.32701.30 stainless steel 3.8 W 3000 K 250 lm
76.32701.40 stainless steel 3.8 W 4000 K 250 lm
Order the power pack separattely (page A-1.37.2), Jo plug-in connection system (page A-1.37.2).
Mabu 68 - Recessed spot light 230 volt
not dimmable
35000 h
3000K warm white3000K warm white
Cable 2000 mm with Lin male plug
glass mat
finish watt light colour lumen angle
76.32663.30 stainless steel 5.0 W 3000 K 300 lm 120 °
Accessories Lin plug-in connection system (page A-1.39).
Moon 68 TL LED - Recessed spot light 12 volt DC (Two-Light System)
glass: mat
Cover: plastic
Cable 2000 mm with Jo male plug
The colour temperature is continuously adjustable from warm white to cold white
luminous Color with Jo-Adapter line TL: warm-white 3000 K
luminous Color without Jo-Adapter line TL: cool-white 6000 K
finish watt light colour lumen
76.19270.05 stainless steel 3.5 W 3000 - 6000 K 200 lm
Order the power pack separately (page A-1.38), Jo plug-in connection system (page A-1.38), Adapter line for fixed Color Setting (page A-1.45), Two-Light color control (page A-1.45).
Technical information and legend for icons (page A-1.79).
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