Veko - Suspension brackets
Suspension brackets for chain, rope and ceiling installation
79.00150.50aluminumfor ceilingIP20
79.00151.50aluminumfor chainIP20
79.00152.50aluminumfor chainIP54
Veko - Presence and daylight detector
Presence detector, detector
Breaking capacity 6 ampère, 230 volt
Coverage area: max. 2x 7 m (14 m)
Installation height: max. 14 m
79.00160.502x 7 m (14 m)14 mDALI1
79.00161.502x 6 m (14 m)10 mDALI3
Application examples:
Parking garages, shelf and high-bay aisles, plant and industrial halls, wet rooms and humidors.
Technical information and legend for icons (page A-1.79).
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