Rio - Surface mounted light 230 volt
Round HV
3000K warm white + 4000K neutral white3000K warm white + 4000K neutral white3000K warm white + 4000K neutral white
2 Jahre
glass: mat
Casing: plastic,  alu colour
wattlight colourlumenlength
76.26031.307.5 W3000 K480 lm422 mm
76.26032.309.5 W3000 K600 lm523 mm
76.26033.3014.2 W3000 K960 lm827 mm
76.26034.3016.0 W3000 K1080 lm927 mm
76.26031.407.5 W4000 K510 lm422 mm
76.26032.409.5 W4000 K637 lm523 mm
76.26033.4014.2 W4000 K1020 lm827 mm
76.26034.4016.0 W4000 K1147 lm927 mm
Order the mains supply separately 76.26102.11 (page A-1.158), Accessories Round NV plug-in connection system (page A-1.158).A-1.159
Rio - Main switch, Rio Connector for Rio mounted light 230 volt
not dimmable
Round HV
2 Jahre
Casing: plastic
Switch: Cable 2000 mm with Round HV male plug
Switch: For the connection of a Rio recress light fixture on the right
Measures (lxwxh): 35 mm x 38 mm x 17 mm
Connector for continuous row installation for Rio
76.26035.39Switchalu colourblack575 W2.5 A
76.26233.11Connectorwhiteblack575 W2.5 A
Main switch and direct-supply with teminals for connection from wall opening.
Technical information and legend for icons (page A-1.162).
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