R32LED - Surface mounted light 230 volt
not dimmable
3000K neutral white + 3000K warm white3000K neutral white + 3000K warm white3000K neutral white + 3000K warm white
30000 h
2 Jahre
glass: mat
Casing: metal
Rocker switch, Covering trough
Through-wiring and intermediate coupling ST18/3
all lamps, without type 6 watt, with direct-supply
Direct connection 65 mm at the outer edge
finishwattlight colourlumenlength
73.00045.10stainless steel6.0 W3000 K600 lm322 mm
73.00046.10stainless steel8.0 W3000 K800 lm474 mm
73.00047.10stainless steel9.0 W3000 K950 lm552 mm
73.00048.10stainless steel11.0 W3000 K1100 lm757 mm
73.00049.10stainless steel13.0 W3000 K1400 lm930 mm
73.00050.10stainless steel6.0 W4000 K600 lm322 mm
73.00051.10stainless steel8.0 W4000 K800 lm474 mm
73.00052.10stainless steel9.0 W4000 K950 lm552 mm
73.00053.10stainless steel11.0 W4000 K1100 lm757 mm
73.00054.10stainless steel13.0 W4000 K1400 lm930 mm
73.00045.11white6.0 W3000 K600 lm322 mm
73.00046.11white8.0 W3000 K800 lm474 mm
73.00047.11white9.0 W3000 K950 lm552 mm
73.00048.11white11.0 W3000 K1100 lm757 mm
73.00049.11white13.0 W3000 K1400 lm930 mm
73.00050.11white6.0 W4000 K600 lm322 mm
73.00051.11white8.0 W4000 K800 lm474 mm
73.00052.11white9.0 W4000 K950 lm552 mm
73.00053.11white11.0 W4000 K1100 lm757 mm
73.00054.11white13.0 W4000 K1400 lm930 mm
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