SimLed - Mounted fluorescent ligh 230 volt
not dimmable
Round HV
3000K warm white + 4000K neutral white3000K warm white + 4000K neutral white3000K warm white + 4000K neutral white
25000 h
2 Jahre
glass: mat
Casing: plastic
Horizontal fixing bracket, standard
Through-wiring, Protection class II
finishwattlight colourlumenlength
76.26081.11white3.0 W3000 K240 lm235 mm
76.26082.11white3.8 W3000 K320 lm285 mm
76.26083.11white7.0 W3000 K560 lm513 mm
76.26084.11white9.0 W3000 K720 lm546 mm
76.26085.11white13.0 W3000 K1040 lm846 mm
76.26086.11white18.0 W3000 K1440 lm1146 mm
76.26087.11white22.0 W3000 K1760 lm1446 mm
76.26088.11white3.0 W4000 K240 lm236 mm
76.26089.11white4.0 W4000 K320 lm285 mm
76.26090.11white7.0 W4000 K560 lm513 mm
76.26091.11white9.0 W4000 K720 lm546 mm
76.26092.11white13.0 W4000 K1040 lm846 mm
76.26093.11white18.0 W4000 K1440 lm1146 mm
76.26094.11white22.0 W4000 K1760 lm1446 mm
Order the mains supply separately 76.26102.11 (page A-1.158),  Accessories Round NV plug-in connection system (page A-1.158).A-1.159
Clearance between lights ca. 2 mm.
Maximum to ten lmaps can be adapted.
SimLed - Fixing bracket vertical
2 Jahre
installation clips for vertical fitting
76.26298.11plastic white
Only applicable nfor the SlimLed lamp.
SimLed - Connector for SimLED mounted light 230 V
Round HV
2 Jahre
Connector for continuous row installation
76.26299.11white575 W2.50 A
Only applicable nfor the SlimLed lamp.
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