Smart Case - Costomized Tambour shutter System without locking device
Aluminum tambour ssytem available custom size manufactured. The Smart Case module comes as a pre-assembled module and no additional work is required for your cabinet construction.
neu25 mm
aluminum anodized or stainless steel effect finish
module comes ready to fit into cabinet
no grooving or other work on cabinetry needed
delivery within 3 weeks
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Smarrt Case assembly instructions
the assembly instructions is online available:  Montageanleitung
type width min. width max. height e_Text3 height
51.71010.00 Echtaluminium A25 400 mm 900 mm 300 mm e_Text3 1275 mm
51.71015.00 Kunststoff KS25 400 mm 1200 mm 300 mm e_Text3 1600 mm
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