Decor end panel ultra-mat and quartz varnish
2 Jahre
both sides the same surface 
all edges with 2 mm radius
height: min. 200 mm / max. 2400 mm
width: min. 200 mm / max. 700 mm
Produced with a hollow body above approximate 0.9 m2 and 50 mm, 60 mm or 100 mm thickness.
57.14654.00decor end panelultra-mat19 mm
57.14652.00decor end panelultra-mat22 mm
57.14754.00decor end panelultra-mat25 mm
57.14653.00decor end panelultra-mat30 mm
57.14655.00decor end panelultra-mat40 mm
57.14854.00decor end panelultra-mat50 mm
57.14656.00decor end panelultra-mat60 mm
57.14650.00decor end panelultra-mat100 mm
57.14634.00decor end panelquartz19 mm
57.14632.00decor end panelquartz22 mm
57.14734.00decor end panelquartz25 mm
57.14633.00decor end panelquartz30 mm
57.14635.00decor end panelquartz40 mm
57.14834.00decor end panelquartz50 mm
57.14636.00decor end panelquartz60 mm
57.14630.00decor end panelquartz100 mm
Plinth, ultra-mat and quartz varnish
2 Jahre
thickness 19 mm
1 edge with radius
unilaterally painted
raw reverse
lenght max.: 2750 mm
height max.: 300 mm
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