Berlioz - high-gloss or mat varnish
thickness 19 mm
high-gloss: front-side high-gloss, back-side mat varnish
mat varnish: both sided mat varnish
8 standard colors
choice of colors possible
custom made, undrilled
both sided with a radius of approx. 
milling of profiles, according to diffrent dimensions
frontally supplied with a safety foil
substrate: MDF
lead time for colors standard: approx. 7 weeks
lead time for colors on request: approx. 8 weeks
Mesures min. / max.:
short side max.: 700 mm
short side min.: 115 mm
long side max.: 1500 mm
long side min.: 296 mm
width min.: 296 mm
filler (without milling) short side min.: 50 mm
filler, long side max.: 2500 mm
57.13710.00Berliozdoormat varnish
57.13711.00Berliozdrawer narrowmat varnish
57.13712.00Berliozdrawer mediummat varnish
57.13714.00Berliozfillermat varnish
57.13700.00Berliozdoorhigh gloss finish
57.13701.00Berliozdrawer narrowhigh gloss finish
57.13702.00Berliozdrawer mediumhigh gloss finish
57.13704.00Berliozfillerhigh gloss finish
Spalte 1Spalte 2Spalte 3Spalte 3
57.23710.00BerliozTürebeis. mattSonderfarbe
57.23711.00BerliozSchubl. schmalbeis. mattSonderfarbe
57.23712.00BerliozSchubl. breitbeis. mattSonderfarbe
57.23714.00BerliozBeistossbeis. mattSonderfarbe
57.23701.00BreliozSchubl. schmalhochgl./mattSonderfarbe
57.23702.00BreliozSchubl. breithochgl./mattSonderfarbe
57.92002.00color surchargefor customized colour
Height of front: please note the milling of narrow fronts:
In some case it may be advisable, to order small fronts as filler.
H923/M1923 white alpin
H903/M1903 white
H986/M1986 are grey
H909/M1909 champagner
H964/M1964 sand
H958/M1958 cappuccino
H943/M1943 red
H902/M1902 black
H9xx = high-gloss varnish / M19xx = mat varnish
Note for order per fax:
You can find decor end panels and plinths on page B-1.49, samples on page B-1.51. For fax orders and enquiries please use our order form on page B-1.81.
color charts
Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable.
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