Following the removal of the protective PE film, the acrylic surface is still sensitive. The reasons for that are:
a) solvents from the adhesive coating of the protective film still adhering to the surface first have to evaporate, and 
b) acrylic surfaces are hygroscopic. That means, under the influence of air humidity, the surface continues to harden. This can take up to one week. In order to accelerate this process, the surface should be wetted with water or, as recommended, cleaned with a 1 % soap solution and a soft cloth.
In order to increase the resistance against scratch marks, we recommend treatment of the surface with ULTRA GLOSS Superpolish following removal of the protective film. Should scratches still occur on the surface, they may be eliminated as follows:
superficial scratches may simply be polished off using polish.
In case of deeper scratches and damages, the effect may be clearly reduced by polishing.
Cleaning recommendation
In terms of their visual appearance and gloss, acrylic surfaces are comparable with a double clear-coat finish. Treatment and cleaning of these surfaces should take place in accordance with their beauty:
 The surface should only be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in a water-soap solution. Water or moisture, resp., generally has an antistatic effect. 
Dust and dry contaminations should be removed with a soft cleaning cloth.
For the removal of adhesives, the use of cleaning agents has to be observed, which do not harm acrylic surfaces.
Abrading or harsh cleaning substances must not be used, since these may affect the brilliance of the surface. Any contact of the surface with the following substances should be avoided: chemical and alcohol-containing cleaning agents (often found in glass cleaners), acetone-based nail-polish remover, chemical groups of ketones, esters, aromatic solvents, paint thinners for paraffin, petroleum ether, pine wood, oils.
Cleaning agents
2 Jahre
This is our recomended cleaner for all of our Acryl Fronts. It's a very payable product. The surface becomes spruce and tough. 
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