Operating and maintenance instructions for varnished and concrete fronts
The high-Quality fronts in varnished and concrete finish require some care to ensure that their value and appearance are maintained for as long as possible. Spots are easier to remove if they have not dried. Therefore always remove any soiling as quickly as possible.
Utensils: Always use soft, cleanm lint-free cloths (no microfibre cloths). Ensure that the cloths are absolutely clean. A dirty cloth can lead to scratches in the surface.
Cleaning agents: Do not use solvent- and alcohol-containing or abrasive cleaning agents. Always use mild, PH-neutral water-soluble household cleaners (without balm).
Procedure: wipe the surfaces gently and dry with a dry cloth. Matt surfaces: prevent rubbing to strongly, as the matt surfaces may otherwise differ in appearance.
Microscopically small signs of wear may appear on the surface. These are visible to a greater or lessser degree, depending on the colour  and lighting of surfaces with a high-gloss varnish. Regular use also leaves behind signs of wear around the handle or on a handle profile integrated in the front. These signs of wear are common and do not denote a reason for reclamation.
Use our order forms for new enquiries and orders.
Request a sample / various patterns are available from our warehouse.
A quote will be provided before each order. Please provide the exact dimensions at the time of your initial request.
Check the range carefully.
All parts are custom-made and may not be returned.
Repeat orders
Due to the recurrence of repeat orders, please check all offers for dimensions and quantities.
The indicated production time will also apply to repeat orders. 
The guidelines of the association Küchen-Verband Schweiz kvs will apply as a basic principle. Any irregularities within the standard that become apparent will not be accepted. Please note the following procedure:
High gloss HPL- , High gloss varnish and acrylic fronts are viewed at a distance of 700 mm, in regular lighting (no side light), at a 30 degree inclination angle, for a maximum of 10 seconds.
HPL-overlayed or Melamine-coated fronts are viewed at a 700 mm distance in regular lighting (no side light), at a 30 degree inclination angle, for a maximum of 20 seconds.
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