Swipo front fixing bracket 
Height and lateral adjustable front fitting. Can be used for any false fronts in various applications such as sink cabinets or storage cabinets. Allows easy adjustment of your front. Parts are symmetric and can be used left and right. Benefit yourself through a quick and toolless assemly or disassembly of false fronts.
Packaging unit 500 pieces
hole distance 32 mm
drilling Ø 10 mm
Front connectors
With this concealed front connector you can easily install a false front onto a regular front.  
spacing thickness 3 mm
drilling 5 mm
length Ø
51.00057.00 70 mm 5 mm
Front connectors for bolt assembly
Simple connector piece with 4 screw holes for connecting two fronts from the back.
4 screw holes
thickness 3 mm
bright chrome
finish length
51.00058.03 bright chrome 170 mm
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