Sample - varnished fronts
available from stock
400 mm x 300 mm
model color no. finish finish
04.49000.12 Arezo H923 white alpin high-gloss
04.49100.37 Arezo M1986 are grey mat varnish
04.49003.29 Arezo QU978 black quarz varnish
04.49001.12 Velino H923 white alpin high-gloss
04.49011.12 Velino UM926 white alpin ultramat varnish
04.49013.18 Valance M1964 sand mat varnish
04.49006.11 Kadra 90 M1923 white alpin mat varnish
04.49007.26 Kadra 10 M1958 cappuccino mat varnish
04.49009.18 Berlioz UM1053 sand ultramat varnish
04.49030.11 Helios H903 white ultra-brillant
Sample - varnished fronts, with alu handle stripe
available from stock
400 mm x 296 mm
model color no. finish finish
04.49020.37 Arezo with handle stripe Telvo long H986 are grey high-gloss
04.49022.18 Arezo with handle stripe Wiki long H964 sand high-gloss
04.49024.14 Arezo with handle stripe Telvo long H909 champagner high-gloss
Color chart - varnish high-gloss and mat 
Front-side high-gloss varnish, back-side mat varnish. With the standard colors.
available from stock
210 mm x 150 mm
description content
04.49000.99 color chart varnish high-gloss/mat 8 colors
Color-samples Quarz- and ultramatvarnish 
From our quartz- and ultramatt-colors, we have individually color-pattern on stock.
available from stock
210 mm x 150 mm
thickness approx. 3 mm
front side back side color
04.49050.11 Quarz QU9004 Ultramat UM9005 white
04.49050.12 Quarz QU9006 Ultramat UM926 white alpin
04.49050.14 Quarz QU165 Ultramat UM187 champagner
04.49050.18 Quarz QU1041 Ultramat UM1053 sand
04.49050.26 Quarz QU7031 Ultramat UM7030 cappuccino
04.49050.27 Quarz QU771 Ultramat UM7029 anthracite
04.49050.31 Quarz QU389 Ultramat UM390 red
04.49050.29 Quarz QU978 Ultramat UM9007 black
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