Velino - Ultra-mat and quartz varnish
Ultra matt and quartz varnish are spcial surfaces. The Ultra matt varnish is based on the usual matt surface, and quartz varnish is based on a structured surface. An additional, specially adapted clear varnish is superimposed onto these vitually finished surfaces. Ultra matt varnish therefore rsults in a very matt surface, which is more scratch resistant and leaves behind less Fingerprints. Quartz varnish results in a hard surface with a metallic appearence. 
thickness 22 mm
Ultra-matt: front-side Ultra-mat, back-side mat varnish
Quartz: front-side quartz varnish, back-side structured varnish
8 standard colors 
choice of colors possible - Color Deviation! 
unilaterally with a radius of 2 mm
lead time for colors standard: approx. 7 weeks
lead time for colors on request: approx. 8 weeks
Color deviation
Due to the addition of a transparent cover varnish, the basic color may vary slightly. It can not be excluded that the Color deviate from a Color without ultra matt / quartz varnish.
57.14251.00Velinofront-side ultra-mat1 long
57.14252.00Velinofront-side ultra-mat2 short
57.14253.00Velinofront-side ultra-mat3 without
57.14254.00Velinofront-side ultra-mat1+2 long+short
57.14231.00Velinofront-side quartz1 long
57.14232.00Velinofront-side quartz2 short
57.14233.00Velinofront-side quartz3 without
57.14234.00Velinofront-side quartz1+2 long+short
57.92002.00color surchargefor customized colour
min./max. mesures
short side max.: 840 mm
short side with handles min.: 114 mm
short side without handles min.: 50 mm
long side max.: 2400 mm
long side min.: 200 mm
QU = quartz / UM = ultra-mat
QU9006 / UM926 white alpin
QU9004 / UM9005 white 
QU165 / UM187 champagner
QU1041 / UM1053 sand
QU7031 / UM7030 cappuccino
QU771 / UM7029 anthrazit
QU389 / UM390 red
QU978 / UM9007 black
Note for order per fax:
You can find decor end panels and plinths on page B-1.49, samples on page B-1.50. For fax orders and enquiries please use our order form on page B-1.79.
color charts
Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable.
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