BlendStone - stone veneered
With BlendStone you have the possiblity to use stone as a front and create unique accents. A very thin stone layer of 4 mm is permanently bonded to the aluminium substrate. The hybrid stone is mitred at the edges so that the impression of solid stone is created. This makes it possible to realize constructions that would be impossible with solid stone for weight reasons.
thickness Blendstone20 approx. 20 mm
thickness BlendstoneSlim approx.
available in almost all natural stone materials
weight aprox. 18.5 kg/m² or 15.5 kg/m²
front with affixed stone plate
back-side synthetic resin
the material can be easily removed with carbid-tipped tools
visible edges processed in mitred stone
back-side is undrilled
max. mass: 2400 x 650 mm
lead time: approx. 6 weeks
model finish edges E
57.13400.00 Blendoor20 unilaterally with ceramic acryl black
57.13410.00 BlendoorSlim unilaterally with ceramic acryl black
Mesures min./max.:
short side max.: 650 mm 
short side min.: 210 mm
long side max.: 2400 mm 
long side min.: 294 mm
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