Ceramo - unilaterally holohedral ceramic plate
A 3 mm thick ceramic plate is holohedral affixed with a 16 mm thick supporter. The acrylic edges on the supporter have a similar colour like the ceramic. The ceramic is greater affixed and will looped back after the installation. The edges are brushed up. It becomes an edge with a very loq join between the ceramic plate and supporting plate.
thickness approx. 19.5 mm
supporting plate 16.5 mm
ceramic plate 3 mm
9 colors
weight aprox. 19.5 kg/m²
front with affixed ceramic plate
back-side white
handle drillings have to be made at the factory (use our order form)
handle drillings have included some plastic sleeves for the handle installation
handle drillings in the ceramic plate with an aperture of 9 mm
back-side is undrilled
lead time: approx. 7 weeks
model finish edges E
57.15500.00 Ceramo unilaterally with ceramic acryl white
Mesures min./max.:
short side min.: 780 mm
short side max.: 40 mm
long side min.: 2700 mm
long side max.: 201 mm
Please note, that all colors exept EF + RO has a unique diretion of the decor. Maximum widh: 1000 mm
Spacial shapes: There are no special shapes and cut-outs. Only retangular parts.
Note the drill diameter for the fixation of the handle.
Regarding Front dimensions over 1300 mm our supplier is recommending an alignment hardware for each part.
Countertops: The suface structure of Ceramo may be different from the contertops of the market.
Clip about Ceramo fronts
SPEK Savoia Perla/PXP53
SANK Antracite/PXP53
SGRK Savoia Grigia/PXP53
ONEK Oxide Nero/PXP53
CO Beton
EF Oxide Avorio ivory 
RO Oxide Moro red 
BL Basalt Black
BGRK Basalt Grey
BE Basalt Beige
BA Barro
IC Iron Corten
IM Iron Moss
Note for order per fax:
You find decor end panels on page B-1.09, samples on page B-1.24. For fax orders and enquiries: order form on page B-1.80.
Color Charts
Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable. 
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