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Order-Form-Folder for BOX-Manufaktur. For customized products:
aluminum door frames with Blum Aventos hardware
customized pre-assembled drawers with Blum Tandembox or Woodbox sides
Drawers equipped with ORGA-LINE from Blum, Smart & WoodenGliss drawer inserts, Space spice inserts and Anti slide mats.
For more information and order forms, check this webpage:
Distribution to accredited Blum dealers only
Shelf securing clip
Practical for transportation of cabinets as the security clip avoids any movement of built-in shelves.
secure shelf against moving
shelf clips can be re-used
type description application
18.10011.00 2800 pcs. EVABOX STANDARD d
18.10012.00 3000 pcs. EVABOX STANDARD d
18.10021.00 3000 pcs. EVABOX UNIQUE d
18.10022.00 3000 pcs. EVABOX UNIQUE d
18.10031.00 3000 pcs. EVABOX FINGER ed
18.10032.00 3000 pcs. EVABOX FINGER d
18.10041.00 3000 pcs. EVABOX UNIQUE BOLD d
18.10042.00 3000 pcs. EVABOX UNIQUE BOLD d
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