Vittoria - stainless steel fronts
Exclusive front - coated with stainless steel.
thickness approx. 22 mm
front coated with stainless steel 1 mm 
surfaces SAT (scotch brite)
neatly welded corners
Backside made of particle board with grey melamine, with ABS edges
delivered with a protective foil
manufactured to size
weight approx. 22 kg/m²
lead time approx. 6 weeks
Mesures min./max.:
door height: min. 114 mm / max. 1400 mm
door width: min. 200 mm / max. 1400 mm
filler width: min. 80 mm
Front Dimension / Position of handle
Height of fronts: we recomend to order as short fronts as possible.
The handle Profile is located to the width of the front.  
model finish grain direction handle
57.18201.00 Vittoria stainless steel vertical 1 long
57.18202.00 Vittoria stainless steel vertical 2 short
57.18203.00 Vittoria stainless steel vertical 3 without
57.18211.00 Vittoria stainless steel horizontal 1 long
57.18212.00 Vittoria stainless steel horizontal 2 short
57.18213.00 Vittoria stainless steel horizontal 3 without
SAT Inox scotch brite
Note for order per fax:
You find decor end panels on page B-1.22, samples on page B-1.25. For fax orders and enquiries: order form on page B-1.81.
Color Charts
Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable. 
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