Inoxia - stainless steel fronts
Unusual,front coated with stainless steel.
Thickness approx. 20 mm
front coated with stainless steel 1 mm 
Two different versions
Inoxia - Edges with 4 corners
Inoxia Maniglia45 - 1 edge bevelled by 45 degrees
Neatly welded corners
Backside made of chipboard with grey melamine resin, with ABS edges
Delivered with a protective foil
Manufactured to size
holes for fitting the handles 5 mm (drilled only for stainless steel)
Weight approx. 19 kg/m²
Lead time approx. 7 weeks
Mesures min./max.:
height: min. 114 mm / max. 1400 mm
width: min. 95 mm / max. 1400 mm
model finish surface backside
57.18000.00 Inoxia stainless steel SAT chipboard
57.18100.00 Inoxia Maniglia45 stainless steel SAT chipboard
Grain direction / angle
The grain direction in the SAT surface is vertical! If you need a front with a horizontal cut, the maximum height is 1400 mm
The bevelled unit Inoxia Maniglia45 can be either at the side, top or bottom.
SAT Inox scotch brite
Note for order per fax:
You find decor end panels on page B-1.22, samples on page B-1.25. For fax orders and enquiries: order form on page B-1.81.
Color Charts
Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable. 
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