Organic Glass satin
SSNO Satin Snow/11145S*
SOWO Satin Old White/11154S*
SWGO Satin White Grey/85669S*
SCRO Satin White Creme/785S*
SMIO Satin Mint/5367S*
SDGO Satin Dark Grey/85648S*
SLGO Satin Light Grey/85670S*
SAWO Satin Arctic White/1045S*
SWHO Satin White/11022S*
SMAO Satin Magnolia/7516S*
SKAO Satin Kashmir/7529S*
SGRO Satin Grey/85474S*
* = unilateral 19 mm
Note for order per fax:
You can find samples on page B-1.11. For fax orders and enquiries please use our order form on page B-1.81.
Color Charts
Color number Senosan. Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable.
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