Organic Glass high gloss or satin
A new material that convinces with his scratch resistance and his shine. A 2 mm full-acryl in connection with a lear high polished laser edge. Ther is a perfect look like a glued glass. Advantage: you can edit tze part every time. Examples: Finger holes, handle shell groove or interconnecting joints.
unilaterally coatet with a 2 mm acrylic paint, backside white mat
thickness approx. 19 mm
with laser edges - Asymmetric structure: the upper part of teh edge is transparent, the lower part is in the color of the front
decor end panel bofh sides with acryl 2 mm
laser edge uni for the decor end panel
substrate: MDF
scratch resistant and unbreakable surface
fronts supplied with a safety foil, undrilled
weight fronts aprox. 16 kg/m²
lead time: approx. 5 weeks
Mesures min./max.:
short side max.: 1200 mm
short side min.: 50 mm
long side max.: 2750 mm
long side min.: 201 mm
model type finish thickness edges
57.15320.00 Organic Glass front high gloss 1 side 19 mm spezial laser edge
57.15321.00 Organic Glass front satin 1 side 19 mm spezial laser edge
57.15330.00 Organic Glass decor end panel high gloss 19.5 mm uni
57.15340.00 Organic Glass decor end panel high gloss 24 mm uni
SNOO Snow/11145*/PXP21
OWHO Old White/11154*/PXP21
CREO Creme/7585*/PXP21
MINO Mint/5367*/PXP21
DGRO Dark Grey/85648*/PXP21
LGRO Light Grey/85670*/PXP21
WGRO White Grey/85669*/PXP21
MIRO Mirror/1721L*/PXP
AWHO Arctic White/11045**/PXP
WHIO White/11022**/PXP
MAGO Magnolia/7516**/PXP
KASO Kashmir/7529**/PXP
GREO Grey/85474**/PXP
* = unilateral 19 mm/** = unilateral 19 mm/double-sided 20/24 mm
Note for order per fax:
You can find samples on page B-1.11. For fax orders and enquiries please use our order form on page B-1.81.
Color Charts
Color number Senosan. Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable.
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