Faces for Verro and Ceramo
A special face is available as an accessory for the fronts Verro and Ceramo. This is a workpiece that is mitre-processed on one side. Only one-sided angle pieces are available (as per drawing). The ordering customer is responsible for the substructure.
thickness approx. 19.5 mm
side length fix 47.5 mm
carrier board approx. 16.5 mm
float glass 7 ceramic coating 3 mm
backside coated white
without drill holes
without substructure
lead time approx. 5 weeks
descriptionfinishmax. heightmax. heightmax. height
57.15432.00Ceramohigh-gloss120 mm800 mm
57.15452.00Verrosatinato120 mm800 mm
57.25452.00VerroSatinato120 mm800 mm
57.15430.00Ceramohigh-gloss120 mm2200 mm
57.15462.00Verrosatinato120 mm2200 mm
57.25462.00VerroSatinato120 mm2200 mm
147.5 mm800 mm
57.15450.00Verroe_Text3147.5 mm800 mm
57.25462.00VerroSatinato147.5 mm800 mm
147.5 mm2200 mm
147.5 mm2200 mm
57.25460.00VerroSatinato147.5 mm2200 mm
57.15433.00Ceramo220 mm800 mm
57.15453.00Verroe_Text3220 mm800 mm
57.25453.00VerroSatinato220 mm800 mm
220 mm2200 mm
220 mm2200 mm
57.25463.00VerroSatinato220 mm2200 mm
247.5 mm800 mm
247.5 mm800 mm
57.25451.00VerroSatinato247.5 mm800 mm
247.5 mm2200 mm
247.5 mm2200 mm
57.25461.00VerroSatinato247.5 mm2200 mm
SPEK Savoia Perla/PXP52
SANK Savoia Antracite/PXP52
SGRK Savoia Grigia/PXP52
ONEK Oxide Nero/PXP52
CO Concret
EF Oxide Avorio ivory 
RO Oxide Moro red 
BL Basalt Black
GR Basalt Grey
BE Basalt Beige
BA Barro
IC Iron Corten
IM Iron Moss
Please note that all colors exept EF + RO has a unique direction of the decor.
WGR White Grey
SWE snow-white
WE white
SW black
GR grey
EB earth
CA cappuccino
CH champagne
MA magnolie
GRS Grey satinato
KAS kashmir satinato
MAS magnolie satinato
WES white satinato
SP mirror 
Color Charts
Deviations between colours and the fronts are unavoidable.
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