Woodbox - wood drawer sides, type N
Woodbox drawer sides are absolutely identical with Blum LEGRA and can be used in combination with Blum MOVENTOR slides for 30 kg or 50 kg load capacity.
drawer type n, build-in height minimum 362 mm
pair of drawer sides left and right13 mm
drawer slides to be ordered seperately
including 2 covercaps in metallic finish
toolless assembly of front and 2-dimensional adjustment of drawer front
drawer backs to be ordered seperately
54.358G40S0.2lacquered beech400 mm
54.358G40S0.6lacquered maple400 mm
54.358G40S0.7lacquered walnut400 mm
54.358G40S0.8lacquered oak400 mm
54.358G45S0.2lacquered beech450 mm
54.358G45S0.6lacquered maple450 mm
54.358G45S0.7lacquered walnut450 mm
54.358G45S0.8lacquered oak450 mm
54.358G50S0.2lacquered beech500 mm
54.358G50S0.6lacquered maple500 mm
54.358G50S0.7lacquered walnut500 mm
54.358G50S0.8lacquered oak500 mm
54.358G55S0.2lacquered beech550 mm
54.358G55S0.6lacquered maple550 mm
54.358G55S0.7lacquered walnut550 mm
54.358G55S0.8lacquered oak550 mm
54.358G60S0.2lacquered beech600 mm
54.358G60S0.6lacquered maple600 mm
54.358G60S0.7lacquered walnut600 mm
54.358G60S0.8lacquered oak600 mm
Bottom dimensions:
material thickness 6.5 mm
inner cabinet width minus 31 mm
nominal drawer length minus 20 mm
other wood species on request
Order advice:
Drawer slides and front fixing brackets need to be ordered with your local Blum hardware distributor.
Woodbox - wood back, type G
These wood backs have been designed for easy and toolless assembly with Woodbox drawer sides.
height 329 mm
groove for bottom 6.5 mm
slide-on feature for toolless assembly without gluing
54.406080.2lacquered beech600 mm
54.406084.2lacquered beech1200 mm
54.406080.6lacquered maple600 mm
54.406084.6lacquered maple1200 mm
54.406080.7lacquered walnut600 mm
54.406084.7lacquered walnut1200 mm
54.406080.8lacquered oak600 mm
54.406084.8lacquered oak1200 mm
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