Skid console Dining for bench
Skid for table and seat bench 60 mm x 8 mm
Skid bench back, rack System for bench
Profile 60 mm x 8 mm
not in stock, available within 4 weeks
rack system for bench: hxw = 420 mm x 430 mm
applicationfinishwidthpackaging unit
51.50228.03bench backbright chrome1
51.50228.10bench backstainless steel1
51.50229.03rack System for benchbright chrome1
51.50229.10rack System for benchstainless steel1
51.50230.00traverse for bench 51.50029.xxsilver color1470 mmpair
51.50232.00traverse for bench 51.50029.xxsilver color1670 mmpair
51.50234.00traverse for bench 51.50029.xxsilver color1870 mmpair
51.50238.00traverse for bench 51.50029.xxsilver color2270 mmpair
the total length of a table Frame:
included the traverses: length of traverse + 2 x 150 mm (mounting plate = 150 mm).
Skid side-board console (arche) 
Skid for sideboard and kitchen island 60 mm x 8 mm
incl. height adjustment
not in stock, available within 4 weeks
finishheightwidthpackaging unit
51.50210.03bright chrome260 mm520 mm1
51.50210.10stainless steel260 mm520 mm1
51.50212.03bright chrome390 mm520 mm1
51.50212.10stainless steel390 mm520 mm1
51.50215.03bright chrome435 mm710 mm1
51.50215.10stainless steel435 mm710 mm1
bar consoles Skid:
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