Tobas 8 - wall profile for glass shelves in standard length
for glass thickness of 8 mm
length of profile 2500 mm
51.60085.50standard profilealuminum anodized
51.60085.03standard profilealuminum anodized
important information:
profile lenght without covercaps = glass lenght, whith 2 covercaps: glass lenght + 4 mm
deduction from glass: depth -5 mm
Tobas 8 - cover caps
cover caps in plastic, width 2 mm
51.60094.50covercap leftbright grey
51.60095.50covercap rightbright grey
51.60094.03covercap leftbright chrome
51.60095.03covercap rightbright chrome
important information:
please order cover caps seperately
Glass shelf support Tobas 8 for custom sizes (2 days)
for glass thickness of 8 mm
glass lenght = profile lenght + 4 mm (whith 2 cover caps)
deduction from glass: depth -5 mm
incl. 2 cover caps, each 2 mm
finishlength fromlength up to
51.60086.03bright anodized50 mm300 mm
51.60086.50anodized EV150 mm300 mm
51.60087.03bright anodized301 mm  600 mm
51.60087.50anodized EV1301 mm  600 mm
51.60088.03bright anodized601 mm  900 mm
51.60088.50anodized EV1601 mm  900 mm
51.60089.03aluminum anodized901 mm    1200 mm
51.60089.50anodized EV1901 mm    1200 mm
51.60090.03bright anodized1201 mm    1500 mm
51.60090.50anodized EV11201 mm    1500 mm
51.60091.03bright anodized1501 mm    1800 mm
51.60091.50anodized EV11501 mm    1800 mm
51.60092.03bright anodized1801 mm    2100 mm
51.60092.50anodized EV11801 mm    2100 mm
51.60093.03bright anodized2101 mm    2400 mm
51.60093.50anodized EV12101 mm    2400 mm
Weight capacity is based on wall construction and fastening possibilities. Suitable for standard loads residential and store fixture areas.
Custom size: no return of goods. 
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