Plastic leg for kitchen cabinets 691
Plastic leg with cabinet base part for concealed installation onto kitchen cabinets. Simply push turning leg into pre-mounted base plate. The base plate serves as a cabinet glider on the job site and avoids damage of cabinet bottom.  
Turning leg with 3 different adjustment possibilities:
by hand (due to large turning surface)
6 slots for toll adjustment from the side
Adjustment from the inside of cabinet with Pozi screwdriver
Cabinet Glider with support
for leg mounting
hole distance 64 mm
variationwidthdepthheightpackaging unit
51.00350.29srew92 mm79 mm25 mm1500
51.00351.29plug92 mm79 mm25 mm2296
Push turning leg
incl. leg lider
Ø 34 mm
height incl. supportadjustement -adjustment +packaging unit
51.00354.2945 mm0 mm20 mm100
51.00358.2975 mm10 mm20 mm1500
51.00355.2980 mm10 mm20 mm250
51.00356.29100 mm10 mm20 mm1250
51.00357.29110 mm10 mm20 mm1100
distance tube for push turning leg
mounting of plastic leg
heightpackaging unit
51.00365.2910 mm320
51.00366.2925 mm700
51.00367.2950 mm400
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