Shelf securing clip
Practical for transportation of cabinets as the security clip avoids any movement of built-in shelves.
secure shelf against moving
shelf clips can be re-used
A 34 mm
B 49 mm
packaging unitØ
51.00040.112800 pcs.5 mm
51.00041.113000 pcs.3 mm
Jumbo - Shelf support
shelf support in plastic with steel pin
for heavier loads
pin Ø 4.9 mm
packaging unitmin. order quantityfinish
51.10002.111000 pcs.1000 pcs.white
51.10002.001000 pcs.1000 pcs.transparent
51.10002.221000 pcs.1000 pcs.brown
51.10003.11250 pcs.1 pcs.white
51.10003.00250 pcs.1 pcs.transparent
51.10003.22250 pcs.1 pcs.brown
Shelf support steel
steel pin shelf support
Ø 3 mm / 5 mm
packaging unitfinish
51.10010.001000 pcs.nickel
Cover for glass shelf:
Cover cap for glass shelf to be ordered seperately.
Plastic cover for glass shelf
The plastic cover is put onto shelf pin 51.10010.00 for protection of glass shelf.
Ø inside 3 mm, Ø outside 5 mm
packaging unitfinish
51.10030.191000 pcs.transparent
The requested drilling of hole for steel pin 51.10010.00 with plastic cover is 5 mm.
Other dimensions and types of shelf supports on request.
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