Distance spacer in synthetic material
fixing with 32 mm system screws
left or right mounting
used when inner drawers are installed into a cabinet
packaging unitheightfinish
51.00050.00100 pcs.19 mmnatural color
51.00051.00100 pcs.25 mmnatural color
Distance spacing profile
for inner drawers (roll-out)
lengths can be shortened
left or right mounting (example: Blum TANDEMBOX)
front lateral part can be installed over hinge system
51.00048.11486 mm50 mm12,5 mmwhite
51.00049.11486 mm50 mm25 mmwhite
51.00049.29486 mm50 mm25 mmblack
51.00049.39486 mm50 mm25 mmgrey
51.00049.75486 mm50 mm25 mmGrey orion
Front connectors
With this concealed front connector you can easily install a false front onto a regular front.  
spacing thickness 3 mm
drilling 5 mm
51.00057.0070 mm5 mm
Reduction spreading dowels
packaging unit
51.00450.11900 pcs.
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