Capri - Bar console inclined
Aluminum bar console in modern square design for wooden, stone or glass bar tops.
maximum weight capacity per console 40 kg for wooden and stone
maximum weight capacity per console 20 kg for glass
inclined, angle 60°
top mounting plate 90 mm x 90 mm x 3 mm
including 1 screws M8 x 55 mm for bottom mount
includes 4 screws 5 mm x 16 mm for top mounting
51.50075.50aluminum anodized50 mm50 mm170 mm
51.50075.05stainless steel50 mm50 mm170 mm
51.50076.50aluminum anodized50 mm50 mm230 mm
51.50076.05stainless steel50 mm50 mm230 mm
Installation / Recommendation:
hole countertop Ø 9 mm for bottom mount 
maximum space between consoles 900 mm
maximum top overlay 250 mm
please order top mounting plate 51.50082.10 for glass bar tops separately
Capri - mounting plate for glass bar top 
top mounting plate to glue UV
incl. screw M6 x 10 mm
51.50082.10stainless steel65 mm65 mm4 mm
Installation / Recommendation:
maximum space between consoles 900 mm
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