Glass adapter round
including 3 metric screws M6 x 15 mm
finish Ø height
51.50029.04 mat chrome 90 mm 12 mm
51.50029.10 stainless steel 90 mm 12 mm
51.50029.50 aluminum anodized 90 mm 12 mm
Installation / Recommendation:
To glue onto glass, please use specific UV glue 
Glass adapter for:
Bar consoles ZT1, ZT3, Padua, Padua long, Bari and Brindisi.
Granit, mounting plate for stone bar tops
for stone bar tops
big surface for support
can be glued
fits all bar consoles with a M8 screw
with M10 thread
finish width depth height
51.50028.00 galvanized 110 mm 155 mm 8 mm
universal mounting plate for:
Bar consoles ZT1, ZT3, Padua, Bari and Brindisi.
Turning adapter round for bar consoles
drilling Ø 12 mm
including 1 metric screws M8 x 45 mm
finish Ø height
51.50050.10 stainless steel 90 mm 18 mm
Glass adapter for:
Bar consoles ZT1, Padua, Bari and Brindisi.
Turn Around - Turning bar
The turning bar "Turn Around" allows you to adapt an additional turnable level on top of the worktop.
The set consists of a bar console with turning adaptor and the leg rack for wood fixation.
H1: worktop height 910 mm
H2: console height 210 mm
finish Ø
51.50048.10 stainless steel 40 mm
Installation / Recomandation:
3 glass adapter 51.50029.10 to be ordered seperately.
min. wigth of the worktop 400 mm
distance between the bar legs: 300 mm
not in stock, available within 4 weeks.
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