Karat 10 - Suspension system
suspension system for wood / glass shelves
complete set for one tube
for wood or concrete installation
weight capacity 50 kg
62.42801.03bright chrome10 mm1000 mm1
62.42901.03bright chrome10 mm1500 mm1
62.42802.03bright chrome10 mm1000 mm2
62.42902.03bright chrome10 mm1500 mm2
62.42801.10stainless steel10 mm1000 mm1
62.42901.10stainless steel10 mm1500 mm1
62.42802.10stainless steel10 mm1000 mm2
62.42902.10stainless steel10 mm1500 mm2
Karat 10 isn't a stock item, the delivery time is about 2 weeks
Can be shortened to requested size.
Karat 10 - support for additional shelf
special sliding sleeve Ø 18 mm
finishpackaging unit
62.42882.03bright chrome1 piece
62.42882.10stainless steel1 piece
Order advice
Please order 2 pieces for each additional shelf.
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