ET 10 - Built-In toaster 
The ritter built-in toaster ET 10 is 77 mm high and can be installed in any standard drawer, cabinet width min. K 300. Opened with a flick of the wrist, it readily stands in the opened drawer. The coll-touch housing and the automatic switch-off function when the toaster is folded do provide the safety required. For easy cleaning, the taster may be removed from the drawer without using any tools. Elongated slot toaster for 2 slices of toast.
Vario toasting degree with LED indication
STOP button
Automatic switch-off function for safety
description for cabinet widths
52.625.000 ESM BHB50 min. 300 mm
Drilling template for clip fastening is enclosed 
Installation height
Installation height min. 77 mm
please check the building-dimensions of the Legrabox typ M 
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